ArtByMAD Studios

Meet Martha Anne Duenckel (MAD)

ArtByMAD Studios was started in 2010 when Martha Anne graduated from Georgia State University with a Fine Arts degree in Studio Art. She concentrated in drawing and painting but always had a deep curiosity for metals. She joined Peace Corps and served in Nicaragua following her graduation. She continued to draw and paint while beginning to learn jewelry work as well. She wire wrapped in a style that she learned in Central America. A few years later, in Denver she learned to silver solder. When she returned to Georgia she began a full blown silver soldering studio and also started learning to weld. Her passion for metal work has grown and continues to grow as she learns more about welding and building with metals.
She continues to make jewelry, draw, paint and take photographs. Her drawing and painting is often in a surreal style with subjects like women, animals, insects and natural elements- often water. She lives in a rural home which she loves to work on and is constantly improving when not busy in the studio. She is passionate about small scale farming and is test driving some permaculture practices currently. She loves animals and hopes to have a small farm soon where her many pets can be subjects for her work.

If you're in the Newnan, GA area, stop by and say hello!

Side Projects

Artists and Makers Pop Up Market

Monthly pop up markets are on Sundays at RPM in downtown Newnan. The markets feature live demonstrations, fine arts artists selling their work, live music, a great bar scene with a large patio. The bar is family and dog friendly!


Eclipse Effects Studios

Special Effects Studio in Newnan, GA specializing in all things metal, explosive and awesome! Stop by and meet the creative team when you're in town. With an eight bay shop there's always something creative and enriching to see.